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New Premises Update– October 2010

GENERAL MEETING — Topic:  All aspects of our New Premises Building Fund

New Premises Acquisition Dialog – June 2010

New Premises Acquisition Questionnaire - June 2010

New Premises Acquisition Update August 2010 Update

Hi fellow devotees,

This edition is a revision of the update submitted for the website in the last week of July. While I was away at convocation it was decided by managing council members that the update be postponed until I had returned. This will now allow me to follow up any questions in a more timely manner.

Many thanks to those who responded to the recent questionnaire. This was designed to give us a gauge on where we are at as a group, the level of consensus and commitment and how to best proceed from here. It is also an exercise and preparation for working in unison toward clear deadlines and following specific procedures.

Dealing with the exacting mechanics of maya demands meeting very specific requirements and timeframes. From the outset we need to act as we would for standards and timelines in our normal workplace environment. For example, if a contract needs to be submitted by 4pm Friday, and that deadline isn’t met then the opportunity is lost, and all the hard work of preparing the contract is wasted.

To be able to work as a harmonious whole, it is necessary for each individual to follow a common procedure to get into step with each other and begin to align to a common goal. This is no small task and requires a level of discipline and commitment to a worthy objective beyond the little self.   

The results of the questionnaire have been collated and the results show 314* people were emailed the newsletter with the link to the new premises website page containing the questionnaire, premises meeting summary and details of the procedure to follow. The request was also announced at services and a hard copy was posted on the notice board.

By the due date there were 9 responses, 4 of which came from managing council, leaving 5 responses from the general congregation. This represents a total 3% response rate. Clearly such a small sample can in no way be considered as fair representation of the group.

Nevertheless, results of questionnaires completed by the due date are summarized as follows –

  1. What is your position on the group taking action to acquire its own premises?

7 answered - start gradual long term actions
2 answered - pursue things seriously

2) Top 3 common reasons to own our premises

    1. Security and freedom from landlord
    2. Have a property we can better tailor to our own needs
    3. Uniting the group in a shared commitment and responsibility of our own home.

3) Top 3 challenges to face

    1. Insufficient commitment from enough members to bring it into being and to sustain it
    2. Financial cost of Sydney real estate
    3. Finding a suitable location to meet all our needs

4) All respondent except one are willing to actively contribute further to the process

5) Spiritual foundation and vision were the predominant areas to pursue

6) All respondents except one attend the centre either weekly or 2-3 times per month.

The process from here will involve forming a small core group to work on the Spiritual Foundations of our new premises through regular meditation and affirmation in a manner similar to how the Compassion Committee works. The aim is to form a harmonious, joyful and God tuned heart from which any future joyful actions can proceed.

It is envisioned that anyone involved in any aspect of the new premises acquisition process should be actively engaged in this Spiritual Foundation group. This also applies to any existing and future trustees of New Premises Building Fund Trust.

The core group will initially be formed from those members who responded according to the procedures and met the deadlines. Any other devotees who wish to join this group should contact me at the email address below and we can establish a process to follow that will bring each new participant into synch with those already on the road to a bright new home for Sydney Centre.  

As mentioned previously, we are keeping correspondence on this matter on the specific page of our Sydney Centre website so please go to this page in the last week of each month for any updates. At this stage no bulk emails will be provided as this creates a significant workload for the small group of active members involved.

Out of respect and devotion for Divine Mother in nature, only one printed version for the notice board will be provided in a desire to make this at least a carbon neutral project and ideally one in which we can enrich and give back to Her. 

If anyone has difficulty with use of technology or accessing the website please let me know and we can set up a support group who can provide any assistance needed.

Special thanks go to Supriya for collating and summarising the responses, and to Janusz for helping us to use the website more effectively for communicating with members and also to Stacey for the work involved in bulk emailing over 300 people.

If there are any questions please email me at the address below. On a final note, the root of the word “premises” is the Sanskrit word Prem meaning LOVE DIVINE (it’s a nice thought anyway).

Jai Guru
Laurie Grant

New Premises Acquisition Group

* Out of the 314 on our database about 70 are current attendees of varying regularity, about 80 are SRF/non SRF devotees living in Sydney who do not usually attend, and the rest are from regional NSW or further afield in Australia and overseas.


New Premises Acquisition Dialog – June 2010

Please read and follow the accompanying dialog notes before completing the questionnaire.

Since the general meeting we have all had plenty of opportunity to meditate deeply on the many issues discussed that are associated with the purchase of our own premises.

The attached questionnaire moves us to the next step of the journey and takes into account any suggestions and concerns anyone may have. It is important to remember that meditation is the foundation of our sadhana and the key to wise and harmonious decision making, so the more we meditate on these matters, the better. There is no urgency in such large affairs.

Those who attended the meeting will have hopefully achieved a deeper understanding through the meditation process and become more detached from personal biases in favour of what is best for all. We can now continue the process by attuning and being receptive to God and Guru’s will by spending another week meditating on these questions before answering. This will provide the satisfaction of knowing we have done the best we can to arrive at the right responses.

Those who did not attend the meeting should first read the attached notes from the meeting and do their best to attune to the progress that has already been made by those who have meditated on and considered the issues raised and discussed at the meeting. Meditation on these notes daily for a week, supplemented with reason and discrimination will provide deeper and purer insights.

It is important that we are all moving in a synchronized way with the same information and context, so we can act in a harmonious and prudent manner – so meditate, meditate, meditate.

Ideally it would be best to have a response from everybody so that the clearest picture possible
is gained of the desire of the whole group, so please, do your best to respond by Sunday 11 July.

In our meditations please also consider the following points –

Large bequests have been made to the group for the specific purpose of funding the purchase of premises. Donations are ongoing.

Leasing is an inherently insecure tenure with the Sydney group having undergone the upheaval and spiritual distraction of relocating on an average of every 6 years.

Currently we have no fixed lease

This is our spiritual family. How does this relate to the way we feel about our own personal family situation? Would I prefer myself or my family to be renting or owning?

Owning requires commitment - leasing maintains ongoing uncertainty

Updates and communication on the progress of the new premises process will be posted on the website in the last week of each month. It is everybody’s own responsibility to check these pages for updates.  Any correspondence on these matters can be sent to sydneysrfpremises@gmail.com

Instructions for Questionnaire

1. Please download the Microsoft Word questionnaire document and save it to your computer.

2. Either, print a hard copy, fill it out and place in the Suggestions slot of the new donations table at the centre, or return it by email as follows. Please answer questions 2 and 3 as succinctly as possible.

3. Fill out the questionnaire. For multiple choice questions, delete the options that are not relevant, leaving only your preferred choice/s. Please answer questions 2 and 3 as succinctly as possible.

4. Save the completed document.

5. Email it to sydneysrfpremises@gmail.com with the subject line New Premises Acquisition Questionnaire

6. Please reply by Sunday 11 July 2010.

We look forward to hearing from everyone in this exciting new phase for our group.  

Jai Guru
Laurie Grant

New Premises Acquisition Group